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Costa Rica Residency Programs 2023

Costa Rica’s ascent as an excellent Plan B destination…

Given its scenic beauty, relaxed pace of life, affordability and proximity to North America, Costa Rica has long been popular among American retirees. But the country is also increasingly popular among a younger generation of remote workers and digital nomads. Today, we take a look at some of the country’s easy residency options.

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Nicaragua Plan B destination 2022

Why Nicaragua still makes sense as a Plan B destination in 2022

Is Nicaragua still a good place to consider for second residency? Today, we revisit whether the country still makes sense as a Plan B destination. Let’s get into the details below… Situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is a Central American nation of around 6.6 million people. It’s a

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Portugal introduces new Jobseeker Visa in 2022

Looking to move to Portugal and work there, but don’t have an offer of employment yet? Thanks to the introduction of a new jobseeker visa category, you’ll soon be able to enter the country for up to six months while you look for employment. Let’s get into the details below… Considering Portugal as

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Cyprus Residency By Investment Program 2022

Getting PERMANENT Residency By Investment in Cyprus

Looking for an alternative to the Portuguese Golden Visa in an idyllic island location? Offering residency for up to THREE generations of family members with a single €300,000 investment, Cyprus’ Residency By Investment program packs a punch. Let’s get into the details below. The Republic of Cyprus is an island nation situated in

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Greece FIP Visa Program Applications

Getting Greek Residency via the Financially Independent Person Visa program

Looking to obtain residency in sunny Greece, but don’t want to throw $250K at a Golden Visa property? With the country’s residency program for Financially Independent Persons (FIP), you’re officially in luck. Let’s take a look at what’s required, and why this option makes a lot of sense… Getting Greek residency – without

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Czech Citizenship By Ancestry Progam

Getting Citizenship By Descent in the Czech Republic in 2023

Getting Citizenship By Descent is typically the most cost-effective way of obtaining a second passport – if not the fastest. In today’s episode, we unpack how you can obtain Czech Citizenship By Descent in 2022 – and over 1.2 million Americans could qualify… Join Sovereign Confidential to… Sharing borders with Germany, Austria, Slovakia

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New Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

Introducing Portugal’s New Artistic Production Golden Visa

PLEASE NOTE: The Portuguese authorities announced serious changes to their Golden Visa program on February 16, 2023. Here’s the details on the latest program changes. The Portuguese Golden Visa has been a class-leading program for the past decade. But given the latest announcement and present uncertainties around how and when the program will

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Getting Romanian Citizenship by Descent in 2023

Romania is a beautiful country with a long history, rich culture, and many unique traditions. Being a southeastern European country, it borders Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria and has access to the Black Sea. Romania became a member of the European Union in 2007, which means whoever holds a European passport has

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Malta Golden Visa 2022

Malta’s Golden Visa – Why time is of the essence to apply in 2022

How does Mediterranean island living sound as a Plan B option? Boasting a laid-back atmosphere, low taxes, and an exceptionally affordable Golden Visa, Malta ticks many of the boxes. But with Brussels now going after Golden Visas in a big way, this opportunity could disappear overnight in 2022… Malta: A VERY affordable Golden

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Italy Representative Office Visa 2023

Italy’s Golden Visa: A closer look at the new and improved program

Looking at EU Golden Visas, but not keen on investing in real estate? Thanks to recent advantageous program changes, the Italian Golden Visa now offers a highly compelling alternative to RE based programs elsewhere on the continent. Let’s get into the details below… Italy: The Golden Visa country you’ve never heard of. Italy

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Hungarian White Card 2023

Getting Citizenship By Descent in Hungary in 2023

Are your parents, grandparents or even great-great grandparents Hungarian? If so, an A-grade European passport could be within easy reach. In today’s episode, we explore Hungary’s Citizenship By Ancestry Program and how you can benefit… Join Sovereign Confidential to… Hungary is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. It is renowned as an international travel

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4 New Digital Nomad Visas for 2023

Four Island Nations Offering Digital Nomad Visas in 2022

Fancy an extended beach break in tropical paradise? In today’s episode, we unpack four island-based Digital Nomad Visa Programs that can help make your bucket list dreams a reality in 2022… Four Island-Based Digital Nomad Visa Programs For 2022 Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has been opening up to digital

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Sweden: One of the Freest Countries In The World During Covid

For countless people, the pandemic has been the kick up the rear they needed to move abroad or start developing a robust Plan B. And one of the biggest questions playing in their minds is:  What are the freest places in the world…? What emerged as THE biggest threat to people’s freedoms during

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Malta Nomad Residence Permit 2022

Malta Nomad Residency Permit 2023

During the past 18 months, digital nomad visas have taken off in a big way around the globe. In today’s episode, we highlight one of the latest nomad visa programs to launch in the EU: The Malta Nomad Residence Permit. Let’s get into the details below… Malta’s Nomad Residency: Putting island living within

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