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Latest Inflation Report Brings More Bad News

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How Nick Mckenzie and 60 Minutes Australia Defamed Peter Schiff

Age reporters Charlotte Grieve and Nick Mckenzie fraudulently entrapped me into sitting down for an ambush interview. Yet I remained calm and politely answered Mckenzie’s questions anyway, until he began making false and unsubstantiated allegation about my bank. I sued Mckenzie, 60 Minutes, The Age, Charlotte Grieve, and Joel Toner

Peter Schiff Ambushed by Age Reporter Nick McKenzie on Sept. 2nd 2020

I’ve waited almost three years to get a copy of this unedited 60 Minutes Australia ambush interview. I won a defamation lawsuit against 60 Minutes, The Age and Nick Mckenzie, the journalist who interviewed me. It was only through compelled discovery that I was finally able to obtain the raw

Q&A With Peter Schiff

This is a 10 minute sample clip from a recent Q&A only available to members of my Locals community. Visit to become a member.

Oct. Job Numbers & Pending Housing Market Crash

OAN’s REAL AMERICA — Dan Ball W/ Peter Schiff, Recorded 11/8/23

The Government Is Not Being Honest About Inflation

OAN’s REAL AMERICA — Dan Ball W/ Peter Schiff, Recorded 10/5/23

UAW Employees Go On Historic Strike

OAN’s REAL AMERICA — Dan Ball W/ Peter Schiff, Recorded 9/13/23

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