Frontier Investing

With global markets trading at nose-bleed valuations, and almost every possible objective metric suggesting that a crash is coming, a conventional approach to investing seems crazy.

Besides, it’s clear that fundamentals no longer matter. Central bankers are spraying so much money into the system that the only thing driving stocks and bonds is the expectation of further printing. Central bankers have completely hijacked the markets.

I’m simply not willing to take Janet Yellen on as my silent partner. This is why I invest in real assets– primarily, high quality agricultural properties and private operating businesses.

(Note- I didn’t say precious metals because gold and silver are a form of money to me, not an investment or speculation).

Given the long-term supply, demand, and policy fundamentals of agriculture, I think this sector is exactly the right place to be for the next decade. And owning physical, productive land is as close to the source as it gets.

Private businesses also make a lot of sense, allowing you to invest on the cutting edge of emerging trends and technologies, as opposed to big behemoth corporate bureaucracies. And while the risk potential is greater, so are the potential rewards.

I think any of us would have rather invested in Apple when it was just a startup in the Jobs family garage rather than the slow-moving bureaucracy it is today.

But just like great agriculture properties, such deals and talent are hard to find. That’s were Sovereign Man comes into the picture.

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