Why Elizabeth Warren wants you to be poor

Late last week, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gave away nearly $100 million to more than a dozen charities across the United States.

It would take the average person more than 1,000 centuries to accumulate that much money. Yet Bezos gave it away in a single day.

And it’s not like that was the first time he’d ever given to charity. Bezos has already donated billions of dollars to other philanthropic endeavors.

You’d think that such generosity would be appreciated. Yet when Forbes announced Bezos’ gift last week, Twitter user punkassbamboo complained:

“A whopping .09% of his net worth. Thanks so much Jeff.”

This is classic Bolshevik mentality: punkassbamboo and his fellow Bolsheviks see themselves as victims… and everyone else as the enemy. And no matter what the enemy does, it’s never enough.

So despite giving away $98.5 million to help the homeless, Bezos is just a stingy billionaire asshole.

The legions of Bolsheviks like punkassbamboo, of course, have absolutely no trouble finding sympathetic politicians who threaten to confiscate the wealth of businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has achieved success.

Every single Bolshevik politician plays the same tune: rich people are selfish, corporations are bad, and there’s too much wealth concentrated in the hands of the few.

Bernie Sanders constantly tells his supporters that the 3 wealthiest people in the country have more money than the bottom 50%.

He’s right; the wealth gap in the United States hasn’t been this extreme since right before the Great Depression.

And these Bolsheviks feel compelled to ‘fix’ this.

US Presidential candidate Cory Booker, for example, absurdly proposes to tax unrealized capital gains, while Elizabeth Warren wants a wealth tax.

They’re both remarkably stupid ideas, but they’re essentially different variations of the same concept: confiscating legitimately earned wealth.

And this is the part that I find truly incredible– because, when you think about it, there are actually TWO ways of closing the wealth gap.

You could either make wealthy people less wealthy.

Or you can help poor people become less poor.

But they never, ever once, have considered the second approach. They ONLY focus on the first one. Raise taxes on rich people. Raise taxes on corporations.

Wealthy people are wealthy for a reason: they’ve either started a successful business, or they have incredible financial acumen.

Yet the Bolsheviks never say, “Let’s make it easier for punkassbamboo to build relevant skills, raise capital, start a business, and become a successful millionaire entrepreneur.”

But do you know who has done that? Jeff Bezos.

Amazon is such a massive economic force that it has spawned entire industries of people who earn a good living providing services and selling products through the platform.

Bezos has made it possible for anyone with zero skills, poor education, and almost no capital, to start a business selling products on Amazon.

There are thousands of websites and YouTube videos to learn how to do this FOR FREE. And Bezos has made it so easy that a budding Amazon entrepreneur can be up and running in a matter of hours.

And the amount that you can earn online is substantial.

I’ve mentored dozens of Amazon business owners at my annual entrepreneurship workshop–

One former student was selling more than $20 million of products per year with just one employee, and others became so successful that they sold their Amazon businesses for several million dollars.

None of these entrepreneurs came from money. They built successful businesses from scratch by educating themselves and capitalizing on the opportunity that Jeff Bezos created.

Something tells me that no one has ever become a millionaire because of Elizabeth Warren… and no one ever will.

Elizabeth Warren lists more than 50 detailed plans on her website. They include things like breaking up tech companies, taxing wealthy people, keeping low-paying manufacturing jobs in the US, etc.

But not a single plan focuses on closing the wealth gap by making it easier for people like punkassbamboo to become successful.

Frankly that doesn’t fit the Bolshevik agenda.

Success has a funny way of building someone’s confidence and independence. When you work hard and become successful, you begin to see yourself achieving even more.

But Bolshevik politicians depend on their supporters seeing themselves as victims, not as champions.

Their power comes from keeping people angry, afraid, and downtrodden.

So they’ll never aim to close the wealth gap by helping poor people become successful.

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