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The world is almost unrecognizeable compared to even just 10 years ago. War. Inflation. Extreme polarization. Pandemics. Banking crashes. Border crises.

Social Security is going broke. The Justice System has been weaponized. America’s credit rating has been downgraded. Woke fanatics dominate politics and media. The dollar is losing its dominance.

In short, America, the US dollar, and the West in general are in decline.

This decline is still reversible, if capable leadership were to emerge and start making sound, responsible decisions.

But time is quickly running out. By 2031, the United States will reach the end of its fiscal rope– according to the government’s own forecasts.

It’s time to be realistic about the challenges that lie ahead.

We aren’t pessimists focused on doom and gloom. Quite the contrary — we are rational optimists who see a world of opportunity for wealth, freedom, and power as long as we’re smart about the risks.

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