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Inspired Idiot of the Week: US State Department

Why the ‘Netflix’ stock of 100 years ago fell by 98%

Interest on the Debt will exceed defense budget this year

Inspired Idiot of the Week: The Hawaii Supreme Court

The CBDC Indoctrination Has Begun

The ‘other’ report that was released last week was even bigger

Inspired Idiot of the Week: American Psychological Association

It’s not a prediction. It’s arithmetic.

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A Big Announcement About the Future of Sovereign Man

After nearly 15 years of flying solo in this business, I’m excited to announce that Sovereign Man is officially joining forces with my old friend Peter Schiff. (Our new venture is called Schiff Sovereign, and you can check out the new website at Peter, as you may know, is

The Dumbest F@&%ing Guy of the Week

Chances are there will never be a formal inquiry about the insurrection of September 30, 2023. Nancy Pelosi won’t hire a Hollywood producer to stage theatrical prime-time specials showing members of Congress grilling witnesses. The mainstream media won’t constantly wail about it for the next several years. And no one

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance…”

“In the present position of Europe,” Napoleon wrote to his ambassador in Constantinople, “all my thoughts are directed towards England. . . nearly 120,000 men and 3,000 boats. . . only await a favorable wind to plant the [French flag] on the Tower of London.” That was written in March

This is a Blueprint for How the Dollar Goes Kaput

That infernal clanging you might have heard outside your bedroom window this morning was the sound of the proverbial can being kicked down the road, yet again. With no agreement on spending anywhere on the horizon for the current fiscal year, the US Congress passed yesterday a ‘Continuing Resolution’ to

Breaking down the coming $20 trillion debt Tsunami

Tony Fauci should be in a prison cell in Wuhan right now given how much responsibility he bears for destroying US government finances. This guy was one of the chief architects of the hysteria that took over the US (and much of the world) back in 2020. Yet he now

Do you hear alarm bells ringing? Neither do I. And that’s a huge problem.

Do you hear alarm bells ringing? Neither do I. And that’s a huge problem. Granted, global power fanatics at the World Economic Forum just kicked off their 5-day cocaine and sex party festival in Davos, so they’re too tied up at the moment to notice this looming disaster. And the

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