Norway Country Profile

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  • Passport Grade
  • Passport Ranking
  • Passport Score
  • Visa-free Countries
  • Visa-required Countries
  • Access to the World's GDP
  • Access to the World's Surface Area
  • Access to the World's Population
  • Access to the Unesco Sites
Citizenship and Naturalization
Birthright citizenship (Jus Soli)
  • Birthright citizenship (Jus Soli)
    No provisions
Naturalization - Standard Conditions
  • Minimum residency period
    8 years
    Down to 6 years if you have "sufficient" income (of ~$33,000 a year in 2021).
  • Physical presence requirement
    On average, 10 months a year
  • Language test
    Yes, Norwegian
  • Need to renounce original citizenship?
  • Can minor children naturalize?
  • Can naturalized parents pass citizenship to a child born abroad?
  • Can you lose naturalization due to prolonged absence/ naturalization elsewhere?
Naturalization - Your Spouse is a Citizen
  • Living IN the country: Residency/marriage requirement
    5 years / 2 years
    Must reside in the country for at least 5 years, AND the combined residence plus marriage periods must be at least 7 years, meaning you must be married for at least 2 years.
  • Living ABROAD: Marriage requirement
    Marrying and living abroad counts towards the 7-year marriage + residency requirements, but it is not clear when it may be beneficial since you still must spend 5 years in Norway.
  • Language test
    Yes, Norwegian
  • Need to renounce original citizenship?
Naturalization - Other Beneficial Provisions
  • Your child is a citizen
    No provisions
  • Citizens of specific countries
    2 years
    2 years for citizens of Denmark, Iceland, Finland or Sweden.
"–": The provision has not been analysed.
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  • Taxation Type
A tax resident of a country with a RESIDENCE-BASED tax system pays taxes on their WORLDWIDE income. However, if you lose tax residency status there (e.g., by moving out), the country will generally stop taxing you.
Schiff Sovereign's Take on Norway
Over the years, Norway topped many “Happiest Places on Earth” rankings.

We may have an explanation as to why. 

Everyone in Norway has more or less the same status. Aspirations of achievement are limited, as are rags-to-riches stories. Norway makes it nearly impossible to pull ahead of your peers, as it ranks as the country with the highest income equality.

So, it makes sense that most people there are equally ‘happy’.

At the same time, there are some concrete reasons why Norwegians consider themselves happy.

The country’s tiny population sits on Europe's largest (after Russia) oil reserves, and benefits from it enormously.

The country’s GDP per capita is among the highest in the world. The unemployment rate is consistently low (perhaps also because the average work week there lasts only 33 hours).

However, when it comes to taxation, Norway’s taxes are some of the highest in Europe (though over the years, the tax rates have been going down slightly).

All that said, Norway probably wouldn’t be our first choice for a number of reasons. The country is very expensive. Paying the equivalent of $300 for a simple dinner for four is a bit too much, in our opinion. 

We are also not the biggest fans of Norway’s nearly arctic climate and its long, gloomy winters.

There will come a day — and that day may be 100 years from now — when the world won't need Norway's oil anymore. The clock's ticking, and they're going to have to build a real economy, not dependent on their natural resources.

In the meantime, there is one category of people for whom Norway may make a lot of sense, and that is students.

Despite the expensive lifestyle, universities in Norway are generally tuition-free, even for foreign students, and the quality of the education received there is excellent. Why not use this oil-revenue-sponsored education system of great quality to your advantage?

The bottomline – if you're a student, you may want to put Norway on your radar. 

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Norway Overview
  • Region
  • Capital City
  • Largest City
  • Currency
    Norwegian krone
  • Languages
    Norwegian, Sami languages
  • Population
    5.5 million (118th)
  • Life Expectancy
    82.6 years (19th)
  • GDP (Nominal)
    $504.7 billion (30th)
  • GDP/Capita
    $92,511 (6th)
Useful Data
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  • Cost of Living
    Very expensive (6/7)
  • Climate
    Average (3/5)
  • Safety
    Very Safe (2/7)
  • Pollution
    Very clean (1/5)
  • English Proficiency
    High (2/5)

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Benefiting from over a decade of our team’s boots-on-the-ground experience, Global Explorer is where your international journey begins.

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