Could this possibly be real?

Historic is the only word I think you could use to describe it.

Just imagine the scene: Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Nigel Farage, Jim Rickards, and Peter Schiff, all on stage at the same time, Saturday night, in Santiago, Chile.

This was so fantastical that when we posted the photo of the group on our Facebook page yesterday a lot of people thought it was an April Fools’ joke.

Offshore Tactics Workshop Lineup

And yet, that was the starting line up for our Offshore Tactics Workshop that just concluded this afternoon.

It was easily the most exhausting yet exhilarating thing I’ve done.

In addition to our honored keynotes we had bankers, brokers, immigration specialists, tax attorneys, gold providers, from all over the world, to assist our nearly five hundred attendees start diversifying their assets, interests, and businesses overseas.

Almost every day it seems like there’s a new threat emerging that poses a huge risk to our lives and livelihood; the recent events in Cyprus have driven this point home to anyone paying attention.

The idea of diversifying internationally is one that has existed for centuries. It was once only available to the wealthy, but in our modern age anyone can do it.

With the proper strategy this can be one of the best ways to preserve your liberty and livelihood, and it is something that makes sense no matter what.

Last night at dinner a close friend of mine told me that he had opened a bank account in Singapore at our workshop over the weekend. He told me:

“I’m doing a lot of business in Asia now anyhow so this obviously makes sense, and if they ever try to steal money out of peoples bank accounts in the US I’ve already moved my wealth to a country that has never had a bank failure in its history.”

Even our keynotes weighed in on these issues as we discussed everything from confiscation of retirement accounts to the criminalization of gold.

Needless to say, the insights that came out of this weekend were eyeopening, and for many I suspect, life changing.

Fortunately we hired a professional film crew to capture it all on video, and we’ll be making that available soon.

Until tomorrow,
Simon Black

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