Declaring Intellectual Independence

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends. And Monday, of course, is Independence Day in the United States.

It’ll be an odd one for sure. Many cities are reportedly cutting back on their fireworks displays due to… yes… supply chain shortages. And many people may scale down their traditional backyard grilling due to insanely high food price inflation.

There’s undoubtedly a lot of reason for concern right now, and people of all personal philosophies across the political spectrum feel it.

Those on the left are angry about recent Supreme Court decisions and concerned that they may lose other rights. Those on the right fret about cancel culture. Almost everyone is concerned about inflation… and we constantly hear the cry that ‘Democracy is under attack’.

There’s a mountain of problems and no real solutions on the horizon.

More importantly, it seems like intense social factions have developed. Public “debate” and civil discourse is governed by those who feel but don’t think… by people who are professionally outraged but outrageously ignorant.

And it is under these odd circumstances that citizens celebrate the birth of their nations this weekend.

Today I wanted to provide a little bit of historic context. There are problems, yes. But you might have a more hopeful outlook for the future after hearing more about the early days of America.

Click here to listen to today’s conversation… and we wish you a safe and relaxing holiday weekend.

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