Freedom Podcast: My Biggest Surprise of 2021

In late 2019, a team executive for the NBA’s Houston Rockets Tweeted a very brief statement of support for pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong.

Hardly anyone should have noticed; he didn’t have much of a following, and it was an incredibly harmless comment.

Yet that single Tweet caused a massive firestorm. The Chinese government lost its mind — how dare this American peasant say anything that’s counter to our interests?!?!

And like that… poof… China’s government censors erased the Houston Rockets off the face of their Internet.

It was an amazing display of speed and efficiency. And to be frank, my biggest surprise of 2021 is how well the US has adopted this Chinese-style censorship. It is fast. It is efficient. And it is shockingly brutal.

Nowhere is this more obvious than with Covid-1984.

A number of Lord Protector Fauci’s emails have recently come to light which show the ridiculous lengths they went to last year to squash any opposition to their policies.

The ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ was a joint statement signed by THOUSANDS of scientists around the world, including professors and medical professionals from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, plus Nobel laureates, etc.

These scientists argued for a more common sense, humane approach towards Covid. Lockdowns, they said, came at a significant cost to mental health and childhood development… and the costs of the lockdowns should be carefully weighed against the benefits.

But according to their email exchange, Fauci and his colleagues wanted a “quick and devastating published take down” of the Great Barrington Declaration.

The idea of ‘trusting science’ quickly turned into ‘trust only the science that WE put in front of you. Don’t trust any other science.’

It has become so absurd that Fauci has now anointed himself as the Holy Duality; last month on CBS television he claimed “I represent science”. So Fauci and science are one and the same.

Now, we are quick to point out in this column that the government is generally incapable of doing anything right. Or at a minimum, incapable of doing anything quickly or efficiently.

But I have been really surprised at how quickly and efficiently they’ve been able to commandeer total control of the narrative.

They have the media and tech companies in line. They have major medical associations in line. They’ve convinced hundreds of millions of people that they are the only source of truth and information, regardless of their obvious lies and bias.

And anyone who publicly expresses independent thinking, or dares to challenge this narrative (no matter how strong the evidence) is canceled off the Internet with a Chinese-level of efficiency.

This is the topic for today’s podcast as we assess the incredibly bewildering year that we’ve all just experienced. You can listen in here.

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