A closer look at Brazil’s Digital Nomad Visa Program in 2023

Looking to explore Brazil whilst working on your laptop? The country’s Digital Nomad Visa program offers digital nomads an easy way to obtain residency there for 12 months – and as a plus, it is renewable.

Let’s get into the details below…

During the past couple of years, digital nomads have emerged as a very sought-after group, especially in tourism reliant countries impacted by Covid.

By some estimates, over 35 million digital nomads currently wander the world.

Most of them earn their income abroad, and hence do not take jobs from locals. On the contrary, they support the local economy by spending a lot of money earned abroad on local rent, food and entertainment.

No wonder that more and more governments are trying to attract these world wanderers to their shores.

Brazil, too, jumped on the bandwagon, launching a Digital Nomad Visa in January of 2022.
Resolution No.45, released in September 2021, made provision for digital nomads to apply for a residency, which can be renewed annually, and outlines the program’s main requirements.

Note: That the above-mentioned Resolution No.45 does not explicitly state how many times this residency can be renewed. And considering that the program is brand new, there is no precedent in this regard. But our immigration contacts on the ground believe that applicants should be able to renew it multiple times.

The Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa at a glance

Brazil is a fabulous destination with a diverse range of landscapes, a rich cultural history, as well as some of the most famous carnivals and festivals in the world. And the country’s remote nomad visa makes it easy to gain access to the Brazilian experience for extended periods of time.

Apart from offering a relatively low income requirement, the program also allows you to apply on the basis of savings – which is not that common among Digital Nomad Visas and residency programs in general:

Residency duration Financial requirements Can it lead to permanent residency and citizenship?
Initial: 1 year. 

Renewals: 1 year at a time*

Income: $1,500 a month, OR

Savings: $18,000 bank balance

Currently, no such provisions exist.

* The Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa allows applicants to stay in the country for one year, and it can be renewed at least once. The law does not specify how many times this residency can be renewed.

In order to be able to renew your residency, it is advisable to spend at least six months in the country within your visa validity period (although this requirement, too, is not explicitly stated in the law either).

To apply for the Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa, you will not be able to use a single streamlined online application platform (as would be the case with most other countries offering such visas).

The famed Brazilian bureaucracy shines again in this regard.

In addition to filling an online application form, you will still need to go “offline” by visiting your nearest Brazilian consulate and presenting a substantial set of documents (more on that below).

It’s also possible to go through the process from inside Brazil, however our service provider on the ground generally advises against going this route.

Now, let’s look at the program’s financial requirements. To qualify, you will have to prove sufficient income or savings.

You’ll need to show:

  • At least $1,500 in monthly income, OR;
    At least $18,000 bank account balance.

These amounts are definitely on the lower side when compared to many competing programs.

For comparison, Barbados requires $50,000 in annual income, and Croatia around $31,000. So, Brazil is quite affordable, especially for “junior” nomads.

You can prove your required monthly income by presenting an applicable employment or service contract, business registration papers if you are self-employed, bank slips with necessary incoming amounts, etc.

So, if you don’t already have a remote job with a contract to present, you could potentially form a company — anywhere outside of Brazil — and set your own salary at the required $1,500 a month (although it’s always a good idea to show proof of an amount that’s higher than the minimum required).

Importantly, your employer, or your own company, must be located outside of Brazil. Brazilian employers or entities will not work.

But again, you won’t need this if you have some savings. Showing $18,000 in a bank account (in your home country) will qualify you as well. There is no need to transfer this money to Brazil either.

And again, the higher your savings amount is, the better.

Note: If you apply through a Brazilian embassy/consulate outside of Brazil, then you won’t need to apostille your documents. However, be sure to confirm the most current list of requirements with your Brazilian consulate and/or service provider.

Will I be able to obtain Brazilian Permanent Residency?

The Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa Will NOT Lead to Brazilian Citizenship. It’s imperative to mention that while it should be possible to renew your Digital Nomad Visa multiple times, it will never lead to any permanent status in Brazil ( e.g. permanent residency or citizenship.)

But Brazil is not unique here: most other countries offering Digital Nomad Visas do not allow you to apply for permanent residency or subsequent naturalization, either.

If you desire to put roots in a country, you will need to consider a different type of residency, such as the pensioner residency program, or Brazil’s investor visa.

The bottomline…

Brazil is an extraordinary country. Given how vast it is geographically, combined with how culturally diverse it is, you could spend years exploring its various parts…

From a distinctly European flavor in the south of the country, to a very Caribbean-like atmosphere in the north, and more indigenous traits in the Amazon region, the country truly has something for everyone.

And their local version of the Digital Nomad Visa is definitely more accessible than many of the competing programs worldwide.


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