Enjoy this four minutes of paradise

In light of the insanity that has transpired over the last several weeks, today I thought I would show you a beautiful, forgotten corner of the world.

This is a video that my friend Shawn took of his home in New Zealand. He lives in a very small town, and his house is entirely off-grid.

He has solar panels and wind turbines to power the house, plus he’s able to produce his own food. The orchard has plenty of fruit and nut trees, and he and his wife have planted a raised-bed garden.

They collect their own rainwater, plus there are two fresh water ponds on his property, which spans several acres.

Best of all, they’re right near the beach with gorgeous 360-degree views of the Pacific. He gets to surf all the time, and his kids walk to their school on the beach barefoot every day.

It’s safe. Quiet. And he and his family absolutely love it. They couldn’t be happier.

Yet despite living in this very small town in New Zealand, a few hours from Auckland, Shawn is still able to manage his thriving business.

Shawn is a master of film and TV production. In fact I’ve hired his company to produce all of our major Sovereign Man events over the years… he’s so good I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.

And he’s worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including James Cameron.

You’d think that being all the way down in a remote corner of New Zealand would make it difficult to run an international business.

But with all the modern technology we have available, it’s possible to live anywhere in the world and still do business and generate income.

No one has to be a slave to geography anymore; we have the freedom to choose where we want to live based on the freedom and lifestyle we’re trying to achieve.

Shawn is a great example of that ethos. I hope you enjoy his video.

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