Germany’s anti-mask judge investigated by the government

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Iran elected to UN Women’s Rights Council

Last week, Iran was among the United Nations member states elected to its Commission on the Status of Women, the “principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.”

Quick reminder: Iran brutally oppresses women. Married women have no legal protections against domestic violence, and must ask permission from their husbands to leave the home, or hold a job.

Wearing a hijab in public is mandatory for women, whether they like it or not. And some women have been sentenced to decades in prison for flouting the rules.

Interestingly, the vote was made via ‘acclamation’, which in parliamentary proceedings is akin to UNANIMOUS approval without opposition.

And in case you’re wondering, all the ultra-woke western nations, including the United States, were all eligible to block Iran’s ascension to the Commission on the Status of Women. But they chose to not do so.

This is a classic example of the infinite irrationality of woke logic.

Remember, these are the same people say “Believe women” and even change the spelling of women to “womyn” to disconnect from “men”.

But they’re also the same people who believe that “women” is a transphobic word, so they should instead be referred to “people who menstruate”.

Yet they’re also the same people who turn a blind eye to violence against women in Muslim countries (not to mention genocide waged by the Chinese government) because of “different cultural norms.”

Click here to see the vote results.

George Floyd Square has Separate Rules for White People

A sign hanging at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis lists rules for visitors.

It starts with some basics, like how visitors should “Enter with reverence, humility, and openness as an invited guest.”

Then it lists rules, “For White people in particular.”

“Decenter yourself and come to listen, learn, mourn, and witness. Remember you are here to support, not to be supported.”

The rules tell white people not to make it about them, “so that you will not harm BIPOC.”

Then the rules also tell white people, “Consider if you want or need to take photos and post them. Do not take photos of other people without their consent.”

But non-whites are allowed to take photos of other people without their consent?

Clearly it is very woke to encourage segregated ownership of tragedy.

Click here to read the full story.

Soap Dispensers are Racist

In an online debate about systemic racism, a number of black college students voiced concerns that automatic soap dispensers are racist.

One student said it’s racist that automatic soap dispensers force black people to turn the lightest part of their palm towards the dispenser in order to be served.

Other students claimed that the dispensers sometimes fail to dispense soap, which some students assumed was because the sensors can’t detect the darker pigmentation of their skin.

This is actually completely false. The sensors don’t even detect color; they work by detecting either motion, or by sensing infrared ‘heat’ energy from the body, which is the same regardless of skin color.

You’d think that university students might have the intellectual curiosity to, you know, learn and study about how these things work.

But universities aren’t about learning anymore. They’re about training people to be professional victims.

Click here to read the full story.

Girl Forced to Wear Mask at Track Meet Collapses

A high school girl at an Oregon track meet passed out and collapsed as she crossed the finish line of her race.

Students were required by Oregon regulations to wear masks while competing. And she and her coach suspect that the mask blocking her air intake was the culprit.

That’s because she did not collapse from exhaustion, as is typical at track meets, but rather lost consciousness in a way more akin to lack of oxygen.

But before we jump to conclusions we should consult the scientific experts to see if oxygen is, in fact, required for the human body during exercise. Perhaps that’s just another conspiracy theory.

How stupid can state health officials be— outdoor track athletes forced to block their oxygen intake?

The only good news is that Oregon reversed the requirement, and now allows non-contact sport athletes to compete outdoors without a mask. So much freedom!

Click here to watch the video.

Anti-mask judge in Germany investigated by authorities

A few weeks ago, a district judge in the Free State of Thuringen, Germany, issued a groundbreaking decision to eliminate mask requirements at local schools.

The decision was in response to a lawsuit filed by a parent who felt that COVID protocols in school endangered her children’s mental health, and that the benefits did not outweigh the costs.

The judge agreed. In his decision, he wrote:

“The children are harmed physically, psychologically and pedagogically and their rights are violated, without this being offset by any benefit for the children themselves or third parties.”

“It is not the [parents] who would have to justify the unconstitutionality of the encroachments on their rights, but, rather, the Free State of Thuringia. . . would have to prove with the necessary scientific evidence that the measures it prescribes are suitable to achieve the intended purposes and, if so, that they are proportionate. So far, this has not been done in the remotest.

He then ordered an end to masks and social distancing in schools.

Three weeks later the judge has become the target of a government investigation.

His home was searched and his cell phone confiscated, and prosecutors have filed nearly a dozen criminal charges for “deliberately and seriously distancing himself from the law.”

Click here to read the story (German)

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