Inspired Idiot: This is what the Left thinks is “part of the problem”

Tim Sheehy is a former Navy SEAL who graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He earned a Bronze Star with Valor for his distinguished service and a Purple Heart for his wounds. And after leaving the Navy, he started a successful aerial firefighting business which now employs 200 people.

Fed up with the direction of the country, Sheehy is now running for Senate in the state of Montana and hoping to unseat his opponent— Montana’s incumbent Senator Jon Tester.

Tester has represented Montana in the Senate since 2007, during which time the national debt has increased by more than $25 trillion.

Senator Testor has certainly played his part in helping to expand the debt; he has consistently voted for almost every big-spending, deficit increasing piece of legislation that comes across his desk.

For 17 years he passed massive budget deficits; raised the debt ceiling; handed out trillions of dollars of free money during COVID; and sent endless, unchecked funds to Ukraine.

When his free-spending policies resulted in the worst inflation the country had seen in four decades, Tester then voted for the pitifully named “Inflation Reduction Act”, which has resulted in even higher food, fuel, and housing prices.

But according to Tester, it’s people like Tim Sheehy— the wounded Navy SEAL veteran who started a successful business— who are to blame.

“Tim Sheehy is not part of the solution; he’s part of the problem,” Senator Tester recently said of his political opponent.

There is it, straight from the Bolshevik playbook: success is a terrible sin, and inflation is rich people’s fault.

With control of the Senate on the line, the usual suspects in the media have predictably jumped in to malign Sheehy in every way imaginable.

For example, after Sheehy said that he grew up in rural Minnesota, the Washington Post “fact checked” the claim and said his hometown had a population of 27,000 people.

That’s some hard hitting journalism that’s staying focused on the real issues!

And if hailing from a town of 27,000 people wasn’t bad enough, the papers also pointed out that Sheehy’s childhood home had a view of one of the 11,800 lakes in Minnesota.


If that weren’t nefarious enough, the media has also taken Sheehy to task over the $100,000 loan he received from his parents to start his current business (which is now worth nearly $1 billion).

The Washington Post also ripped into Sheehy because there has been some discrepancy about how many times he was shot in Afghanistan, and whether he was discharged from the Navy because of the shrapnel in his body, or due to injuries sustained during a submarine training exercise.

Clearly this is the issue that should be in focus. Not inflation. Not the migration crisis (which affects every single one of the fifty states). Not the incredible dangers lurking in the world.

Nope. WaPo wants to malign a Navy SEAL and downplay the guy’s service to his nation.

They’ve made an especially big deal about one eyebrow-raising episode in which Sheehy lied in order to protect one of his Navy subordinates from being punished.

There’s a sense of loyalty in the military that most people— and certainly woke activist reporters— will never understand.

To this day, twenty years after my own military service, I would still lie down in traffic for my platoon sergeant, and he would do the same for me. That bond of loyalty is even more pronounced among special operations troops like the SEALs.

But such things are incomprehensible to the left… whose only notion of loyalty is loyalty to the party— not to principle, and not to people.

Perhaps this is why they’re so LASER-focused on Sheehy. Seriously, why should the Washington Post and New York Slime even care about a Senate race in Montana?

Obviously because control of the Senate is up for grabs this year. And these supposedly objective papers are doing everything they can— including maligning a Navy SEAL— to seal their party’s victory.

These are the same “news” outlets, by the way, who ran with the Russian collusion hoax, and helped to cover up how Hunter Biden earned an undisclosed $10 million from companies in Ukraine and China while his father was Vice President.

Or, remember when Hillary Clinton claimed during her 2008 presidential campaign that she landed under sniper fire during a 1996 trip to Tuzla, Bosnia? She described having to run to their vehicles with their heads down, while footage actually shows Clinton calmly walking across the tarmac, and greeting a young girl who presented her with a poem.

Yet these so-called “journalists” are printing stories about how Sheehy’s childhood home had a lake view (in a state that’s literally called the Land of 10,000 lakes), and intimating that his Bronze Star citation may have been politically motivated.

And his opponent claims that Sheehy, a Navy SEAL and successful entrepreneur, “is part of the problem.”

What else does someone have to do or be in America in 2024 before the left admits that maybe that guy is part of the solution?

This is how insane the Left has become— and that includes the pathetic media. All the more reason to have a Plan B.

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