Inspired Idiots: Guess Which 1920s Technology Congress is Mandating?

Did you hear about the newest vehicle safety feature that Congress wants to mandate?

It’s not some AI sensor system, or even a newfangled airbag.

Nope. In the minds of literally several hundred lawmakers (from both parties!) the most essential safety feature that should be in your vehicle is… AM RADIO!

The “technology” behind AM radio is so old it even predates Joe Biden. In fact it almost predates the automobile itself.

But while the automobile has undergone tremendous evolution over the past 100+ years, AM radio is still essentially the same as it was back during the first broadcast on Christmas Eve, 1906: fuzzy and low quality.

Perhaps that’s why most consumers abandoned AM radio long ago, ditching it for FM, then satellite, and now streaming.

So few consumers listen to AM radio that many cars don’t even come equipped with it anymore; for manufacturers, it’s not worth spending on a part that consumers don’t want.

And for some cars— specifically electric vehicles— AM radios can cause dangerous interference with sensitive electronic components… so some EV manufacturers have removed analogue AM receivers to make their vehicles safer.

Of course, consumers who really want to listen to AM radio programs can always subscribe to digital AM streaming services.

But that’s not good enough for politicians who have a history of ignoring what US consumers want. If you’re not interested in AM Radio, well too bad. AOC and Joe Biden are going to decide for you.

The “AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act” was first introduced in Congress last May to force every vehicle manufacturer to include an analog AM radio receiver.

Their entire reasoning was captured in just a single line:

“AM broadcast stations are often used to deliver emergency alerts and news and entertainment programming; some newer vehicles do not include AM equipment.”

Is it 1955? When was the last time that anyone received an emergency alert on AM radio? Totally nuts.

Fortunately the bill went absolutely nowhere at first.

But bad legislative ideas are like cockroaches. They never actually die. They linger forever and multiply until they eventually take over the House.

Fast forward nearly a year later, and it turns out that 47 Senators and 237 Representatives have signed on in support of the deal.

And Joe Biden (probably the only guy in America who still listens to AM radio) is ready to sign it. It’s almost assured to become law.

Now, this is not the most destructive legislation in US history. In fact the main consequence of the AM radio mandate is that vehicles will cost a bit more.

But it does provide hilarious insight into their short-sighted thinking… if they’re even capable of thinking at all.

Remember, about a week ago, the Biden administration decreed that 50% of all new cars sold in the US by 2030 will have to be electric vehicles (even though only 8% of consumers choose to buy them today).

But wait— AM radio produces dangerous interference for in sensitive EV components, making electrical vehicles LESS SAFE.

So this AM radio bill, which aims to make people more safe, will actually make Electric Vehicles less safe. And Mr. Biden has decreed that at least half of Americans will be driving these less safe EVs in six years.

You just can’t make up this level of stupidity.

There’s a common line of thinking these days that the people in charge are deliberately trying to destroy America.

Well, with such idiotic and conflicting mandates, it’s getting harder to ignore that conclusion.

Politicians are forging ahead with idiotic priorities as if the country isn’t barreling towards the edge of a cliff.

They’re doing nothing about the border. Nothing about the budget deficit. Nothing about Social Security. Nothing about the decline of America’s military power. Nothing about the dollar’s rapid loss of credibility. Nothing about the mountain of regulations that debilitate economy productivity. Nothing about preventing World War III.

But hey, when it comes to the REALLY important issues like AM radio, these ‘leaders’ really get down to business.

And again, the AM mandate is a bipartisan bill.

Republicans are in favor because there are plenty of conservative talk shows on AM radio.

Democrats are in favor because they use AM radio to reach Spanish speaking voters.

Never mind what’s good for the country, or good for producers, or good for consumers. Congress has its own agenda.

This should come at no surprise; with an abysmal 12% approval rating, everyone seems to know how terrible Congress is.

Yet, quite bizarrely, 96% of incumbents were reelected to Congress in 2020. So voters seem to agree that Congress is terrible. But it’s apparently all the other Congressmen who are incompetent. Their guy is doing a great job.

This is why I have such little confidence that politicians will turn this ship around; voters keep sending the same people to Washington… who have once again proven that they are totally out of touch with America’s priorities.

This is the most critical point to understand: politicians are most likely not going to solve the problems that they themselves have created.

And yet there are solutions that each of us, as individuals, can use.

If the Inspired Idiots are bent on engineering higher energy prices and higher inflation, there are ways we can reduce those consequences and even benefit financially.

If the Inspired Idiots are going to raise taxes through the roof, there are completely legitimate ways to reduce those as well.

If the Inspired Idiots are going to bankrupt Social Security (which the program itself anticipates within a decade), there are ways to structure a robust retirement account to offset the impact.

Whatever destruction they come up with, there are ways around it. It just takes a little bit of education and the will to take action.

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