US Elections: Talk about a landslide

Well that wasn’t exactly the landslide we were promised.

Obviously there are a lot of unknowns right now. But regardless of who ends up being declared (or ruled) the winner, there are a few things you can count on:

The nation will remain divided. About 50% of the voting population will be even angrier than before. Conflict will likely escalate, along with peaceful protests.

Governments at various levels, including state and local, will continue to take on dangerous quantities of debt and make financial decisions that are incredibly costly over the long-term.

Raging mobs, whether in the streets or on Twitter, will continue to advocate taking what you have earned, and forcing you to abide by their absurd restrictions on thoughtcrime.

These issues weren’t literally on the ballot. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a landslide victory all on your own.

As I wrote yesterday, every step you take in crafting a Plan B is a vote for yourself. And with enough votes for yourself, there is no way you can’t win, regardless of what happens in the world.

Plan B’s are different for everyone because we are all in unique situations, and we assess the threats to our livelihoods and families differently.

Do you live in an urban area, and need to escape riots and strict lockdowns?

Or are you looking to protect yourself against the rise of antifa and Socialism in your country?

Well, if you feel the pressure to find a backup plan for a place to live, you have lots of options.

This could range from moving to the countryside, or going across state borders, or leaving the country entirely.

For some, having a second home in the woods is sufficient protection. Others will want a second citizenship across an ocean.

And through each door, you will find other doors. For example– you can gain second citizenship in a number of ways, from ancestry, naturalization, investment, even marriage or adoption.

When it comes to economic fears, there is also a range of Plan B solutions.

Inflation is going to be much less destructive if you own gold and silver; it might even increase your wealth.

But even then, you have more options– if your home is in the path of peaceful protesters, you may want to consider storing precious metals at a private, secure facility overseas.

This also gives you yet more available choices, like borrowing against your precious metals using a peer-to-peer lending system which can give you liquidity when you need it.

And then there are countless other ways to store value outside of money– art, collectibles, even vintage firearms.

Some people may be concerned about feeding their family if supply chains slow down. We already saw a preview earlier this year as many food processors had to close down due to Covid.

(And the CEO of the largest pork producer in the US warned there may be meat shortages as a result of Covid.)

In this case, productive land where you can grow food might be attractive. Land can also be an excellent store of value, or an income generator.

Other people might be concerned about rising tax rates, especially at the state and local level.

But when it comes to lowering your taxes (or protecting yourself against higher taxes), yet again there are branching paths of opportunities.

Unwilling to uproot and move? You could still benefit from a solo 401(k). That structure also protects you against problems with Social Security, which now looks like its key trust funds will run out of money in 2029.

Do you have large capital gains? It’s not too late to take advantage of Opportunity Zones.

Ready to pack your bags and seek greener pastures? Consider Puerto Rico, where you can lower your tax bill to just 4%.

Or move to a foreign country and earn your first $107,600 tax-free through the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. Double that amount if you are married, plus add tens of thousands of dollars more for housing benefits.

The possibilities are endless. And again, many of these tactics may just be plans, i.e. you might not actually need to move… but have everything ready in case you ever pull the trigger.

The more of these Plan B items you check off your list, the more secure you will feel. And all you have to do is start. Just take the first step.

If you’re in line for citizenship through ancestry, make an appointment at the nearest consulate. That’s a vote for yourself.

Buy a few ounces of gold or silver, and there’s another vote. Begin your compost pile, plant a fruit tree, or start to learn a second language.

Each of those is a vote for yourself.

You may be shocked to find that the next election won’t worry you in the least because you’ve already achieved a landslide victory for yourself.

You’ve created a rock solid Plan B, taken your power back, and are prepared for whatever comes your way. All it takes is one vote at a time.

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