The Dumbest F@&%ing Guy of the Week

Chances are there will never be a formal inquiry about the insurrection of September 30, 2023.

Nancy Pelosi won’t hire a Hollywood producer to stage theatrical prime-time specials showing members of Congress grilling witnesses. The mainstream media won’t constantly wail about it for the next several years. And no one will ever be prosecuted. Ever.

And yet, the video footage is very clear: on September 30, 2023, a domestic terrorist blatantly committed an act of insurrection by attempting to subvert democracy in the Land of the Free.

His name is Jamaal Bowman. And he happens to be a congressman representing constituents in New York City.

That afternoon, Congress was about to vote on a key piece of legislation that would keep the government temporarily funded in order to prevent a shutdown that would have gone into effect only hours later.

But Bowman– and many members of his party– did not want the vote to take place, simply because they wanted to embarrass the opposition.

So, the guy deliberately pulled the fire alarm, causing the building to be evacuated. This isn’t some conspiracy theory– the cameras plainly showed Bowman pulling the fire-alarm, and he admitted to it.

Now, Bowman’s attempt to subvert democracy has been swept under the rug. But he is still finding plenty of new ways to be a complete idiot.

This genius’s latest crusade is to demand that descendants of former slaves receive, “at minimum”, a whopping $14 trillion worth of reparations.

Bear in mind that $14 trillion is more than half the size of the entire US economy, more than three times federal tax revenue. It’s an absurd amount of money… raising an obvious question: where in the world does he think this money will come from?

“Where did the money come from,” Bowman mused, “when Covid was destroying us?”

His answer? “We spent it into existence.”

Ladies and gentlemen, all of America’s financial problems have been solved by the economic mastermind, Jamaal Bowman. We simply have to create the money out of thin air and give it to people according to the wishes of politicians.

Let the good times roll! No one even has to work anymore, the government can just spend money into existence, and, poof, everyone can be rich.

Of course, when the government spent $4 trillion into existence during COVID to pay people to NOT work, we ended up with 9% inflation.

But don’t worry, Bowman says, the MINIMUM $14 trillion he’s proposing doesn’t have to be paid all at once. It could be paid over 5 to 10 years.

Oh. Phew. Well, that makes it so much better.

Of course, since the US government doesn’t actually have $14 trillion, they would of course have to borrow the money– most likely from the Federal Reserve, which would create that money out of nothing.

And this $14 trillion would be in ADDITION to the $20 trillion (which is optimistic) that both the White House and Congressional Budget Office estimate will be added to the US national debt over the next decade.

So, between the baseline $20 trillion in new debt over the next 10 years, plus Bowman’s genius $14 trillion idea, that would be $34 trillion in new debt over the next decade.

Bear in mind that the national debt right now is $34 trillion. So, this idiot is talking about doubling the debt in ten years.

Naturally, though, Bowman doesn’t think there will be any consequences whatsoever.

Now if we’re intellectually honest, Bowman’s idea has no chance of passing. But it does give us a very clear picture of the caliber of people who are in charge.

People like Bowman are inspired idiots. They have absolutely no idea how anything works yet expect the world to conform to their clueless fanaticism.

Amazingly, despite being a certifiable moron, 133,567 voters in the greater New York City area saw fit to elect this guy in a landslide victory.

(That said, Bowman’s district usually has bad taste in elected officials; it also first elected Chuck Schumer to Congress in the 1970s, as well as Charles Rangel— who railed against the wealthy only to be censured for 11 financial ethics violations, including tax evasion.)

There’s a good chance that more inspired idiots like Bowman are on the way.

History suggests that bad economic times and financial crises tend to give fanatical socialists the opportunity to win election.

They promise the world– free money for everyone, no consequences. It’s as ridiculous as the kid who runs for high school class president that promises to put Coca Cola in the water fountains. But plenty of voters are gullible enough to believe the lies.

Ironically, Bowman even acknowledged the stubborn inflation problem– because he said, more than likely, the actual reparation figure will have to be $16 trillion instead of $14 trillion, in order to adjust for inflation by the time the legislation passes.

So while yesterday I wrote that the deep challenges facing the US are still technically fixable… it’s important to point out that America is run by inspired idiots like Jamaal Bowman.

And they simply do not have what it takes to understand the dark problems facing the United States, let alone the ability to pass solutions quickly and rationally.

This guy literally pulled a fire alarm to prevent a critical vote to keep the government funded. And he was cheered by his colleagues.

Does anyone honestly think these people will negotiate like reasonable adults and make the vital, tough decisions to reform Social Security, or cut wasteful government spending?

Does anyone think they will be able to inspire confidence in America as the stewards of the world’s reserve currency? Does anyone trust them to prevent World War III?

So yes, America’s challenges are technically fixable. But with inspired idiots like Bowman running the show, it’s not looking good.

* As a final point, I want to reiterate that these challenges are not the end of the world.

Yes, inflation will likely be very severe in the future. The US dollar’s loss of reserve status will likely have substantial negative effects. And the consequences of Social Security running out of money in 2033 is incalculable.

But given that we can anticipate these risks, we can also do something about it. And taking action now, while there’s still time, can dramatically reduce their impact.

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