Their panic would almost be gratifying if it weren’t so ominous

The President is very sharp,” former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough told audiences not long ago. “Some NATO leaders have told me they were very surprised… because he is so sharp and he’s on top of everything.”

MSNBC further trotted out various guests and hosts, including Mika Brzezinski, to gush about Joe Biden’s sharpness and mentally agility.

Members of the President’s party also claimed that, in private meetings, Joe Biden was absolutely at the top of his game.

And the White House’s top propaganda officials, i.e. Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Rachel Maddow, all routinely praise Biden’s strategic foresight and supernatural ability to raise America’s position in global affairs.

Now all of a sudden the headlines read: “Panicked Dems look to replace Biden”, and “Biden must step aside”.

The CNN “analysts” last night were absolutely hilarious in their depressive response to the debate; a few of them were almost in tears about their guy’s pitiful performance.

And the New York Times this morning was full of editorials from Leftist lunatics like Thomas Friedman and Paul Krugman pleading that Biden bow out of the race immediately.

Funny. These are the very same people who have been insisting that Joe Biden hasn’t lost his edge. Now they want him to withdraw from the election.

The web of lies that they have been spinning for the past four years came crashing down hard last night. Everyone saw a mentally incompetent, enfeebled, confused man stammering and rambling devoid of any intellectual direction.

Even the rare occasions yesterday when he showed flashes of coherence, Biden had to resort to gas-lighting the American public in order to defend his record.

It was extraordinary that he said, with a straight face, that nobody wants to “screw with America”.

Come again? It was only a few months ago that Iran launched missile strikes against US soldiers at bases in Iraq and Syria.

Deliberately attacking US military personnel is the DEFINITION of screwing with America.

He went on to insist that the rest of the world respects US leadership. He bragged about how great the US economy is doing, how prosperous people are, and how he’s taken steps to secure the border.

Of course, no rational person believes such drivel. Joe Biden has been a disaster from Day 1, and he was cognitively unfit far before he became President. But the rats in the media have been covering for him and propping him up from the very beginning.

Their latest lie is that Joe Biden has a cold, which apparently caused last night’s acute dementia.

Sure. Doesn’t everybody get a severe case of dementia when they catch a cold? I guess that’s what “science” tells us.

The New York Times further reported that, “Former President Trump’s attacks were frequently false, lacked context or were vague enough to be misleading.”

Of course there was no mention of Joe Biden saying anything false, vague, or misleading.

There was no “fact check”, for example, when Biden said that everyone respects America, the military is stronger than ever, that taxing the rich will solve Social Security’s bankruptcy, or that the Border Patrol endorsed him.

(While the New York Times didn’t bother to fact check Biden, the Border Patrol Union did announce on its X/Twitter account that “we never have and never will endorse Biden.”)

It appears now, however, that these media rats know their plan failed. No one can possibly believe their lies any longer, and the rats are deserting their own ship.

Their panic would almost be gratifying if it weren’t so ominous.

Now their attention is turning to who should replace Biden; ultimately this means that the party’s senior leadership will choose a new candidate.

Ironically, this is also the same party which moans constantly that “democracy is under attack.”

But hang on— this same party also deprived its own voters of a choice.

When Bobby Kennedy announced his candidacy to challenge Joe Biden for the nomination, they refused to engage and chased Kennedy out of the party.

In short, the party made sure their own voters did not have a choice.

Now, once again, they want to deprive voters of the opportunity to choose. Instead of holding primary elections, the party bosses will decide for everyone else who will be the Presidential candidate.

Sounds democratic to me, comrades!!

The ominous part is where this might go.

It’s obvious the rats have all been lying about Joe Biden in an attempt to prop him up as a serious candidate. Their endless river of deceit about his mental sharpness was proven to be blatantly false last night.

Now they’re already plotting to subvert the democratic voting process, yet again, and force a new candidate onto voters.

Frankly, I was surprised at how much discussion there was last night about the national debt, deficits, Social Security, etc. So, they obviously know that the US has serious, serious problems and is in decline.

But arresting that decline is not a priority. Their only priority is keeping one guy out of office, no matter the cost.

These rats have no morals and absolutely no regard for voters. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Lies. Propaganda. Gas-lighting. Censorship. Cancel culture. Weaponizing the justice system. Knee-capping democracy. Whatever it takes.

I don’t know how far they’ll go or what destructive solutions they’ll concoct. But I do know that the most likely cost of their derangement is the continued decline of America.

That’s why it makes so much sense to have a Plan B.

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