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Man caught smuggling 1 kilogram of gold in his rectum

Earlier today in Sri Lanka’s Colombo International Airport, a passenger was arrested by local authorities and found to have stuffed nearly $30,000 worth of gold into his rectum. That’s nearly 1 kilogram of gold. In his ass. The gold had been carefully wrapped in plastic and included four small bars and multiple chains

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This cryptocurrency website is selling for more money than Facebook’s

What’s money worth if interest rates are negative? Interest rates, after all, are the “price” of money. When we borrow money from a bank and pay interest on the loan, it means that the money we’re borrowing has value. That –capital- has value. Negative interest rates, on the other hand, suggest that capital

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You won’t believe this stupid new law against Cash and Bitcoin

This one is almost too ridiculous to believe. Recently a new bill was introduced on the floor of the US Senate entitled, pleasantly, “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017.” You can probably already guess its contents. Cash is evil. Bitcoin is evil. Now they’ve gone so far to include

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Clint Eastwood’s advice on Bitcoin speculation

In 1559 while on a trip to southern Bavaria, Swiss scientist Conrad Gesner spied a curious flower in the garden of a diplomat in Augsburg. The flower was called a tulip, derived from the Persian word dulband, meaning “turban,” which described its conspicuous shape. Gesner was intrigued. He asked the man who owned

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The real reason to own Bitcoin

In 1483, just as Johannes Gutenberg’s new moveable type printing press was spreading across Europe, Sultan Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire issued a staunch decree banning the machine from his realm. At the time the Ottoman Empire was the dominant superpower in the world, having conquered most of the Middle East, North

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