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Why you might as well paint a giant bulls-eye on your bank account

Vegetarians be forewarned… you won’t like what follows. We slaughtered a pig yesterday at the farm. I have two freezers full of pork now, and countless strips of bacon curing in the kitchen. I’ve written about this before– out here at the farm I’m able to organically produce almost everything that I eat…

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Customizing your Plan B [Video]

Over the past few days you’ve learned A LOT including… • How to generate exceptional investment returns, while taking minimal risk, with lucrative investment strategies outside the mainstream • How to protect your assets and become invincible to financial crises and frivolous lawsuits • How to save tens of thousands of dollars by

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The two critical requirements of a Perfect Plan B

[Editor’s Note: You’ll find a video showing you a real life example of a Perfect Plan B at the bottom of this article.] Yesterday we talked about how most of Western civilization, including the United States and much of Europe, have long ago departed from the original ideals that made them great. The

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Why you should consider building a Plan B

It’s really easy to love Italy. The food. The scenery. The weather. The art and architectural splendor. The welcoming culture. Then there’s the history, which is one of my favorite aspects of this country. In the 5,000-year record of our civilization, Italy was the world’s dominant superpower not once, but twice. The first

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