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On our sixth birthday: what it means to be a Sovereign Man

June 19, 2015 Kathmandu, Nepal I’ve never been a big fan of celebrating my birthday. I just don’t see the point of commemorating the day I popped out of the birth canal. To give credit where credit is due, mothers do all the heavy lifting, and they’re the ones who should be celebrated.

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President Obama caught lying on video… 36 times… no joke

Obamacare aside, rest assured there will be more broken promises and lies from Barack Obama as well as future Presidents, so act accordingly. Because next time it might not be your health care plan but instead your life savings that are affected. For now though, watch this video to see the true character

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Obama’s Drone War Kills 178 Children with “Surgical” Precision

As a follow up to our Facebook post earlier today (, we want to share a video with you on Obama’s Drone War in Pakistan and Yemen. Having denied the existence of its drone program for years, the United States government finally acknowledges it exists, but maintains that these weapons are extremely precise.

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Why every free man’s arsenal should also include a good shovel

Growing your own food and potentially even owning a stake in feeding the world (or your neighborhood) is, as Simon wrote about here, possibly the smartest investment of the decade in a time of increasing demand, declining agricultural yields, and destructive political policies and subsidies worldwide. Plus as you will hear in the

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Why Obama and Putin are not the most powerful men in the world

Forbes recently released a list of the world’s 10 most powerful people, but let’s get this straight: The fiat “money” that is conjured out of thin air by central banks and regular banks (through fractional reserve banking) controls the economy that controls politics (and everything else). With this knowledge in mind, does the

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