Estonia Country Profile

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  • Passport Grade
  • Passport Ranking
  • Passport Score
  • Visa-free Countries
  • Visa-required Countries
  • Access to the World's GDP
  • Access to the World's Surface Area
  • Access to the World's Population
  • Access to the Unesco Sites
Citizenship and Naturalization
Birthright citizenship (Jus Soli)
  • Birthright citizenship (Jus Soli)
    No provisions
Naturalization - Standard Conditions
  • Minimum residency period
    8 years
    Must hold permanent residency for 5 years, which takes 3 years to obtain.
  • Physical presence requirement
  • Language test
    Yes, Estonian
  • Need to renounce original citizenship?
  • Can minor children naturalize?
  • Can naturalized parents pass citizenship to a child born abroad?
  • Can you lose naturalization due to prolonged absence/ naturalization elsewhere?
Naturalization - Your Spouse is a Citizen
  • Living IN the country: Residency/marriage requirement
    No provisions
  • Living ABROAD: Marriage requirement
    No provisions
  • Language test
    No provisions
  • Need to renounce original citizenship?
    No provisions
Naturalization - Other Beneficial Provisions
  • Your child is a citizen
    No provisions
  • Citizens of specific countries
    No provisions
"–": The provision has not been analysed.
Visas and Residencies
Visas and Residencies
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  • Taxation Type
A tax resident of a country with a RESIDENCE-BASED tax system pays taxes on their WORLDWIDE income. However, if you lose tax residency status there (e.g., by moving out), the country will generally stop taxing you.
Schiff Sovereign's Take on Estonia
Estonia is one of the three Baltic States. All three of these countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – have fared quite well since discarding most of their Soviet legacies.

Among the three, Estonia is the brightest star. Estonians are richer, more efficient, and more pro-business in their mindset than Latvians and Lithuanians. 

Culturally they also tend to gravitate more towards Finland. That also means that they’re anti-corruption, pro-healthy living, pro-business and pro-innovation.

That’s one reason why Estonians have this quirky obsession with being the most technologically advanced and efficient country on Earth.

Estonians will say, “I’m from Estonia. If you’ve never heard of it, we invented Skype.”

Estonia is also the first country to offer something revolutionary: an E-Residency program. 

As the name suggests, it is solely an electronic residency in Estonia, and has nothing to do with physical residency. This digital identity is available to anyone in the world interested in running a location-independent business online.

And Estonia is a sound place to structure a company, especially if you’re doing business in Europe. It’s also a reasonable place to bank.

If you decide to move there, chances are you will choose to live in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital and largest city. It is incredibly picturesque; a fairy tale location.

However, in a country of only 1.3 million people, even the largest city is not that large. Consequently, Tallinn’s population hovers around 400,000 people only. You better enjoy quiet cities if you plan to live there.

Conveniently, Estonia now also offers a Digital Nomad Visa, which will allow you to spend a year in the country, and perhaps use it as a base to explore the rest of Europe.

Just keep in mind that proximity to Finland doesn’t only bring the benefit of northern European efficiency, but also northern European ice, snow and frigid temperatures in winter. The harsh climate is definitely something to consider before moving there.
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  • Tax advice (attorneys and/or accountants)
  • Corporate services (company formation, etc.)
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Estonia Overview
  • Region
  • Capital City
  • Largest City
  • Currency
  • Languages
    Estonian, Russian (widely spoken)
  • Population
    1.3 million (156th)
  • Life Expectancy
    77.9 years (80th)
  • GDP (Nominal)
    $39.1 billion (101st)
  • GDP/Capita
    $29,324 (42nd)
Useful Data
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  • Cost of Living
    Inexpensive (3/7)
  • Climate
    Average (3/5)
  • Safety
    The Safest (1/7)
  • Pollution
    Very clean (1/5)
  • English Proficiency
    High (2/5)

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Benefiting from over a decade of our team’s boots-on-the-ground experience, Global Explorer is where your international journey begins.
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