Ecuador Residency By Property Investment (2023)

Depending on your situation and Plan B objectives, owning a property overseas can unlock massive benefits and increased freedom. In today’s episode, we take a look at one of the most affordable Residency By Property Investment programs in the world…

Ecuador offers SUPER affordable Residency By Property Investment

South America is a continent with many advantages – and massive appeal as a Plan B destination. Boasting spectacular scenery, friendly people, a high degree of food security, and exceptionally low living costs (especially compared to the US, UK and Canada), the continent ticks a lot of important boxes.

Hence it’s no wonder that many people from the US and Europe are choosing the continent as their second home.

But the benefits don’t stop there: Various South American countries also offer real estate-based Residency By Investment options. And, in the case of Ecuador, the minimum investment requirement is exceptionally low – priced at just $45,000…

Ecuador’s Cheap Residency By Property Investment program at a glance

Minimum property investment amount Additional income requirement Minimum annual stay requirement to get permanent residency Path to Citizenship

– Income: $1,350 per month, OR

– Savings: $8,100

(No additional amount for dependents)

90 days per year in the first two years

(180 days in total)

Yes, after five years of residency in total

We have always liked Ecuador.

It is a scenic country with a surprisingly pleasant climate, given that it’s located right on the equator. (Towns like Quito and Cuenca, which are situated at high altitude, are generally cooler, whereas the lowlands areas can get seriously hot and sticky.)

The country is also officially “very cheap”. Your money will go much further in Ecuador than in the US and many parts of Europe. And in terms of its Residency By Property Investment offering, Ecuador is one of the cheapest options in the world.

By spending a minimum of just $45,000* on any type of real estate in Ecuador – residential, commercial or land – you can obtain temporary residency and settle in this gorgeous South American country.

(*The US Dollar is the official currency in Ecuador. To determine the RE investment threshold, you need to multiply the country’s minimum wage by 100. In 2023, the monthly wage is $450. )

Compared to European Golden Visas, which are typically priced from €250,000+ for RE investments, the Ecuadorian property residency is dirt cheap.

When you purchase qualifying real estate, you will receive temporary residency first.

During the temporary residency stage, you must make sure that your real estate’s value remains above the required minimum wage-calculated threshold, based on its municipal (not market) valuation.

For example:

If you purchase a property valued at $45,000, you may not be able to renew your temporary residency if the country’s minimum wage were to rise sharply, driving up the investment amount to, say, $55,000.

Hence it may make sense to buy a property for $60,000+, just to be safe…

Besides buying a property, you must also prove that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself and any dependents in Ecuador.

You can either show around $8,000 in savings, or $1,350+ per month in earnings. And you can include dependents on your application with the same amount.

Your initial residency in Ecuador will be valid for 24 months. After holding temporary residency for 21 months, you will become eligible for permanent residency.

And as a permanent resident, you are free to sell your property.

There are no minimum days per year required to keep your Ecuadorian temporary residency active at all. However, to apply for permanent residency, you must be physically present in the country for at least 90 days per year in the first two years of temporary residency.

But now for the best part…

Ecuador offers one of the lowest investment requirements for real estate based residency in the world, AND it offers one of the quickest paths to citizenship.

Here, you become eligible for citizenship after just three years of permanent residency. That means you could apply for a passport after about five years of total residency (almost two years of temporary residency, plus three years of permanent residency).

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The bottomline…

Not everything is perfect in South America – and nor is Ecuador some utopia.

But the country does have a LOT to offer.

And whether you’re a remote worker, retiree or property investor, buying a property there can unlock a host of benefits – from lower costs of living and increased optionality to adventure and thrilling cultural experiences.

Plus, given the country’s affordable property-based residency program, a second home + residency combo is accessible to a very wide range of people.

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