Nazis making a significant resurgence, but not in Germany.

Greece’s economic downturn has caused a rise in protectionist sentiment and a Greek neo-Nazi party. The group recently marched through Greece’s capital, while chanting anti-foreigner rhetoric. It’s ironic that they would hold their xenophobic protest in Athens, one of the most multicultural cities of the ancient world. Despite what they believe, foreigners didn’t put Greece in the economic debacle that it’s in. Throughout history though, nations have voted dictators into power when times are hopeless and they’re desperate enough (i.e. Hitler, Caesar) so we must be aware that a desperate Greece could become violent. According to AP the protesters were:

“Holding torches and chanting ‘Foreigners out of Greece!’ some 2,000 supporters of the extreme right Golden Dawn party marched Tuesday through central Athens ahead of elections in the financially struggling country.”

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