Greek Digital Nomad Visa Program 2023

Fancy an extended remote working trip on a sun-drenched island in Greece? Launched in 2021, the Greek Digital Nomad Visa offers remote workers the ability to stay for up to 12 months – AND you have the option to extend your stay for as long as you like. Let’s get into the details below…

Greece: 227 Islands… 250+ days of sunshine… And three easy visa routes

Let’s be honest… The idyllic Greek lifestyle doesn’t exactly require a massive amount of selling. Offering stunning beaches, azure waters, sumptuous cuisine and a laid-back pace of life, Greece is the kind of place one doesn’t want to leave once you’ve experienced it.

And in 2023, if you can work remotely, you can stay there as long as you like.

Launched in 2021, the country’s digital nomad visa boasts fairly accessible requirements… AND it can lead to permanent residency… or even to eventual citizenship (more on that in just a moment)…

Greece is also an exceptionally affordable place to live: it’s rated as “Inexpensive – (3/7)” – in the Sovereign Man Cost of Living Index.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in an expat area in Athens costs around $550, while a three-bedroom goes for around $1,000.

That, on average, is much lower than in the US, Canada or Northern Europe.

English is fairly widely spoken, especially in Athens and Thessaloniki. Although realistically, you’re most likely going to want to avoid the larger cities and head for one of the islands instead.

Source: Sovereign Man Cost of Living Index.

And in terms of internet connectivity, the country’s internet speed should be more than adequate – unless you’re crunching serious volumes of data. The mobile download speed is around 62 Mbps, while the fixed broadband speed is around 43 Mbps.

The Greek Digital Nomad Visa program at a glance…

We’ve previously also written about the country’s retirement residency program – the so-called Financially Independent Person Visa. And in addition, its property-based Golden Visa, which we’ve also written about extensively, is now one of the most popular programs of its kind.

But today, we hone in on the country’s residency program for remote workers and digital nomads…

Official program name“Work From Greece” program
Initial residency validity and renewalsInitial: 1 year

Renewals: You can apply for a “Digital Nomad Residence Permit”, valid for two years, and renewable indefinitely.

Financial requirementsMonthly income (after tax): €3,500 (~$3,800) 

 Add 20% more for a spouse, 15% for each child.

Can this DNV lead to permanent residency and citizenship?Yes, after five years of DNV you can obtain permanent residency. After seven years of total residency, can apply for citizenship. (T&Cs apply.)
Tax situationStandard conditions apply: Residence-based (worldwide) taxation after 180 days on the ground. Multiple tax breaks are available.

Source: Sovereign Man Cost of Living Index

How long can I spend in Greece on a Digital Nomad Visa (DNV)?

Officially known as the Work From Greece program, the Greek DNV allows you to spend up to one year in the country. And when the initial visa expires, you can apply for a separate Digital Nomad Residence Permit, which is valid for two more years, and is renewable indefinitely.

And as in Cyprus, you must prove a minimum monthly net income of €3,500 (~$3,800) to qualify for Greece’s DNV. Add 20% more for a spouse, and 15% for each child applying with you.

Therefore, in 2023, a family of four must prove a monthly net income of €5,250 (~$5,700).

You can even obtain permanent residency after five years of continuous DNV residency, and citizenship after seven. (Just remember that you must be fluent in Greek, and pass a very involved test on Greek culture and history to qualify for the latter.)

A word of caution regarding Greek taxation…

In Greece, the standard personal income tax rate reaches a whopping 45% for income above €40,000 (~$43,500) per year. And you will become a Greek tax resident after spending more than 180 days per year in the country.

Fortunately the country is home to several super attractive tax incentives, however it is highly advisable to speak to a Greek tax specialist before making any decisions.

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The bottomline…

Greece offers a great climate, sumptuous, healthy cuisine, and a relaxed Mediterranean vibe. It’s a wonderful place to spend time, especially if you avoid the crowds of Athens and Santorini.

And now, thanks to their so-called “Work From Greece” Digital Nomad Visa program, this lifestyle can be yours for as long as you want. So if you catch yourself daydreaming about a “workation” in Greece, why not make it a reality? Apply for their Digital Nomad Visa at your nearest Greek consulate today.

Yours in freedom,

Team Sovereign Man

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