A Big Announcement About the Future of Sovereign Man

After nearly 15 years of flying solo in this business, I’m excited to announce that Sovereign Man is officially joining forces with my old friend Peter Schiff.

(Our new venture is called Schiff Sovereign, and you can check out the new website at www.SchiffSovereign.com).

Peter, as you may know, is one of the most prominent and outspoken (and often controversial) voices in global economics; he’s a best-selling author and a regular on Financial TV… and he’s been doing this even longer than I have.

He’s also one of my closest friends. And given that we see the world so similarly, we decided to merge into this new venture.

In terms of our content and vision, absolutely nothing is going to change. Peter and I both recognize that the world is run by inspired idiots… people like Congressman Jamaal Bowman, whose latest genius idea is for the US government to pay $14 trillion in reparations.

I wrote to you about this moron yesterday; people like Bowman don’t care about silly details like “where will we get such an absurd amount of money?” They just want to “spend it into existence.”

So, this would be $14 trillion of debt, on top of the additional $20 trillion in debt that the government is already forecasting over the next 10 years, in addition to the current $34+ trillion national debt, in addition to whatever new crazy spending these inspired idiots think up next.

Peter and I both believe that such savage stupidity will create major consequences over the next several years.

If you fast forward ten years from now, the US national debt will be roughly $55 trillion. Interest payments could easily consume $3+ trillion per year of tax revenue, leaving very little money for anything else, including the military.

Social Security will have run out of money. And the US dollar will have probably lost its status as the world’s global reserve currency.

These aren’t wild conspiracy theories; rather they are based on the federal government’s own forecasts. But inspired idiots like Jamaal Bowman refuse to take these challenges seriously, and instead want to drag the country in the opposite direction.

Despite such significant consequences, however, Peter and I both believe that this is not the end of the world. In fact, we see a lot of opportunity ahead.

Think about it– if you can forecast major consequences and risks that are likely to occur down the road, you can set yourself up now to make sure they won’t have a major impact on your life.

You can even set yourself up to benefit from them financially.

This is the whole concept of a Plan B… which will remain at the very core of this organization.

Peter and I are both excited about the new venture, and about bringing tons of great content– including videos, podcasts, and emails– to our vast combined audience.

The only real difference is that the emails you receive will now be coming from “SchiffSovereign.com” instead of SovereignMan.

Oh, plus I’m also taking the opportunity to drop my longstanding penname (Simon Black) and will henceforth be using my real name, as you’ll see below.

Thanks again for being a reader; and Peter and I are both excited to continue raising the bar as high as possible.

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