Decentralized Finance: The Basics and the Opportunities on the Horizon

Quick: Name an industry that’s grown from a value of 0 to around $1.7 trillion in just over a decade.

One that, in the next year or two, could be poised to grow by a few more trillion… maybe even more.

And unless you’re surrounded by finance or tech junkies, this industry is probably nowhere on the radar of your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and extended network.

That potential growth, combined with a lack of exposure spells… O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y.

But whenever you come across a new market or technology, there’s one nearly surefire way to lose your shirt: Dive in headfirst.

That’s the exact opposite of our approach and mindset.

Rational individuals understand that knowledge always comes first. And then calculated action.

Be patient. Learn. Dip your toes in the water with capital you can lose. Learn some more, and get more comfortable with the market.

Increase your positions – again, only using money you can lose. Correct your errors. Don’t stop learning. And watch your comfort and success grow.

This blueprint works for just about any market, including decentralized finance (DeFi).

Last week we sent our Sovereign Confidential members an Alert on DeFi’s infrastructure and components. We also identify an indicator that can signal a project or asset’s future success, and how you can structure your crypto assets and earn a yield.

First we provide some fundamentals on the decentralized revolution, and dive into the world of DeFi, from its protocols to token sales.

But we also cover how you might take advantage of emerging DeFi opportunities…

In the Alert’s final section, we provide a framework that can potentially spot the most promising DeFi projects, assets and companies. And then we cover how early adopter DeFi investors and speculators are generating cashflow, which might be an option for you, too.

This is just one of the many Alerts, Monthly Letters, Black Papers, and case studies our Sovereign Confidential members receive on a regular basis, multiple times each month.

And you can gain instant access to this, and the entire catalog of past reports by joining Sovereign Confidential today.

Keep in mind that this is not investment or financial advice. This alert is for educational purposes only, and we don’t shy away from discussing the risks. Understanding the DeFi space is essential before diving in.

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