Inspired Idiot: Canadian “Healthcare” Edition

Retired Canadian Army corporal Christine Gauthier lost the use of her legs in a 1989 military training accident.

But that never kept her down; she competed in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics in canoeing, and regularly competes in other similar events.

Gauthier lives in Canada, which has a socialized healthcare system. That means her healthcare is “free”… of course when the government gives away something for “free” it often turns out to be extremely expensive.

In Christine’s case, she had an endless wait for a home wheelchair ramp, which caused even greater challenges in her life.

By 2019, she was still waiting for her “free” assistance, and it was at that point that the Canadian veteran affairs agency proposed a different solution.

They told her that she would more quickly receive MAiD treatment, which stands for Medical Assistance in Dying.

In other words, the Canadian government told this disabled veteran that instead of providing her a wheelchair ramp, they would be happy to kill her.

Several other cases have been identified of other veterans being offered assisted suicide when all they really wanted was healthcare. At least one is now dead, although the Canadian government won’t say whether it was through assisted suicide.

Of course in 2017, the Canadian Medical Association Journal estimated that assisted suicide could save the government $136.8 million per year in healthcare costs.

That’s probably why they are also planning to allow mentally ill people with no terminal condition to pursue assisted suicide. People who are depressed by climate change will be eligible for government assisted suicide in Canada starting next year.

Canada’s socialized healthcare system is so overwhelmed that it’s just easier to push people into suicide rather than to treat them. Unless, of course, you’re gender fluid.

A few weeks ago, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that the government must pay for “gender affirming surgery” for a biological male who identifies as “non-binary, although female dominant.”

What makes this case unique is that this person insists that their gender can only be affirmed by receiving “penile preserving vaginoplasty.”

So now Canadian taxpayers will be forced to pay for an experimental surgery to give this person both male and female genitals. The government has also been ordered to pay the patient’s $20,000 legal bill which brought the case to court.

Look, I’m all for people being able to identify however they want. If they firmly believe they are a potted plant, great. Just don’t make it my problem, and don’t make it my kids’ problem.

But let’s be honest, someone who wants to permanently deform their body by undergoing a dangerous and highly experiment surgery to add a second set of genitalia clearly has mental health issues.

Yet while other Canadians with mental health issues are being told to kill themselves, people who want multiple sets of genitalia are getting taxpayer-funded surgeries and moving to the front of the line.

But such bizarre priorities are not just isolated to Canadian healthcare.

A few years ago, in Manitoba, a criminal broke into a private residence and attempted to kill the homeowner while he was asleep. The man woke up after the intruder had literally stabbed him in the head, but he somehow miraculously managed to fight off the intruder, and inadvertently ended up killing his assailant. The man who was attacked and nearly killed in his own home was then sentenced to prison on charges of manslaughter.

Police in Quebec recently warned victims of porch pirates stealing packages not to post the videos online, because it could violate the thieves’ privacy.

In Ontario, a 50 year old man who identifies as a teenage girl is not only allowed to compete in girls’ swim meets, but go into the locker room and change alongside the girls.

Honestly, this list goes on and on.

It’s obvious that the people in charge are completely out of touch with real problems that real people face.

And ironically when real people with real problems get fed up and protest against their leadership, the government responds with incredible brutality.

The Freedom Convoy Protests from 2022 are a great example. People were sick and tired of their leaders’ idiotic decisions. And yes, they disrupted the capital city and blocked some roads. But the government responded with mass arrests, de-banking them and labeling them as “misogynistic and racist.” And the Prime Minister wondered aloud “do we tolerate these people?”

Of course if you block a road because of climate change or because you love Hamas, that’s perfectly fine.

If you hijack public property while shouting, “From the river to the sea,” no one will do a thing to you.

This is an insane set of priorities. And it’s not just Canada. Most, if not all, of the Western nations once hailed as liberal democracies— the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, the US—are infected with this disease that Elon calls the woke mind virus.

European countries that previously had extremely low crime rates have implemented immigration policies that have ballooned into rape crises. They now have masses of immigrants screaming for jihad in their streets.

In the US, the President has not just allowed the border to be overrun, but has actually gone out of his way to sue Texas just to maximize illegal border crossings.

The governments of the US, Canada, and other Western nations consistently fail to address the real problems: immigration, the national debt, stagflation, war, etc. These are real problems that real people are worried about.

But anyone who dares to speak out, is called a racist, white supremacist, or a litany of other offensive labels.

The west is truly a bizarre place today. If you love Hamas, the government is on your side. If you’re an illegal immigrant, the government will provide endless free benefits and never collect a dime in taxes from you.

If you think there’s 99 genders and identify as all of them, the government will coddle your mental illness at taxpayer expense.

But if you’re a normal, hardworking person actually concerned about real things, most of the people in charge don’t give a damn about you.

Your problems are not their problems.

And that’s why it makes so much sense to have a Plan B.

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