Shocker— the World Economic Forum is full of racist hypocrites

Tiffany Hart spent nearly a decade working at the World Economic Forum until she finally reached her breaking point in 2022.

“We don’t eat our own dog food,” she said of her former organization. “We [the World Economic Forum] promote inclusion and improving the state of the world and women’s issues but do the opposite.”

The Wall Street Journal released a bombshell account this weekend detailing dozens of instances and former employees, like Tiffany Hart, who spoke out about the WEF’s culture of racism, misogyny, and sexual harassment.

One woman (who was demoted after going on maternity leave) called the WEF “a psychologically violent institution” that has absolutely zero credibility to speak about women’s issues.

Jean-Loup Denereaz, formerly one of the organization’s most senior leaders, publicly humiliated a black woman on his team, and said, “What can you expect from a N–,” using the full word to her face and in front of other employees.

Another manager openly discussed in front of multiple employees how chocolate-covered marshmallows from Denmark used to be called “N- balls,” again, using the full word.

Female staffers say they were often groped by senior executives. Male employees routinely commented on their appearance and told them to lose weight. Young staffers were often propositioned and encouraged to have sexual relationships with VIPs.

Even three of WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s former assistants say he personally made routine sexual advances.

Gee, what a surprise: the creepiest megalomaniac in the world is a complete hypocrite!

But of course, rational people already knew this. Klaus Schwab and the WEF are the same guys who insist that “we” need to eat bugs and weeds to solve climate change… while they dine on filet mignon at their climate summits.

They want to ban to wood stoves and gas-powered vehicles, but they fly into Davos on their private jets— and don’t even bother to carpool!

These people force-feed us these quasi-religious beliefs about how we should live, what to think, and what to believe. They constantly howl about diversity and inclusion, women’s rights, etc.

It’s long been obvious, and now there’s even more proof: the World Economic Forum doesn’t actually stand for anything. They’re just a bunch of creepy, misguided, hypocritical racists.

Unfortunately they’re far from alone. This same cancerous hypocrisy pervades so many powerful institutions, including the government and media.

We saw this at last Thursday night’s debate: proof that virtually everyone in the media and in the party covering for Biden’s mental feebleness over the past four years has been lying.

It’s clear that they, too, stand for absolutely nothing.

And now these same people who claim to be so concerned about “democracy” are ready to disenfranchise their own voters and install someone like Gavin Newsom as the new candidate.

Newsom, of course, is another example of someone who stands for absolutely nothing.

Just the other day, Newsom gave California’s version of the State of the State address in which he compared his political opponents to literal Nazi fascists.

That’s such a common tactic for these people; their ideas are such horrendous failures that they cannot debate anything on the merits. Their ideas have no merit.

Under their watch, inflation is up, crime is up, the debt is up, border security is down, global security is down, etc.

Since they cannot claim success anywhere, their only ‘argument’ is to cancel and censor dissent, or to label their opponents Nazi fascists, white supremacists, or anti-science cave men.

What’s ironic is that someone like Newsom actually seems to know that there are problems, and he’s demonstrated that he can fix them.

When Chinese President Xi Jinping met Joe Biden in San Francisco last November, Gavin Newsom somehow found the ability and authority to clean the place up. For a few days, there were no homeless people on the streets, and San Francisco was the safest big city in the world.

But then as soon as Xi left, he let the streets go to shit again.

Clearly he knows how to solve the problem. He’s choosing to not solve it… while simultaneously claiming to care so much about the voters and streets and the cities. Again, the guy stands for nothing.

Like most institutions of the Left, the only thing they stand for is that they should be in charge.

Meanwhile, the problems pile up. Illegal immigrants overrun the southern border. Deficits and the national debt surge. Inflation refuses to be tamed. Instability festers at home and abroad.

You’d have to be clinically insane at this point to actually think these people will fix anything. They are only going to make things worse.

This is especially true when it comes to economic challenges, mostly because the people in charge (especially on the Left) have NO understanding of the real world.

Many have never in their lives participated in the private economy. They’ve never had a real job or started a business. So they don’t have the foggiest idea how their idiotic policies will wreak havoc down the road.

Obamacare is a great example: 14 years later, America has lower quality, more expensive healthcare, with less personal choice and more bureaucracy.

Yes, some people are better off. Most are worse off. Was it worth the cost?

Again, though, the Left can never justify their decisions with facts or successful outcomes. And that’s why, when people criticize or disagree, they resort to censorship, cancellation, de-platforming… Or just calling someone an anti-science racist caveman misogynist bigot.

Big shocker— it turns out they’re the ones who are the actual racists and misogynists. They stand for nothing but their own power.

And that is the whole reason why it makes so much sense to have a Plan B. And realistically, the chaos they cause is making that turn into Plan A pretty quick.

For example, people are starting to recognize that their endless runaway spending is actually a serious problem. $2 trillion deficits have quickly become the norm, and that has led directly to elevated inflation.

Yet as individuals we can mitigate inflation by investing in real assets— many of which are absurdly cheap right now and have major catalysts for growth.

The people in power are intent on raising taxes. Not just new wealth taxes and higher payroll taxes, but at bare minimum, raising taxes on the middle class by allowing the 2017 tax cuts to expire.

Yet there are many ways, as individuals, to legally reduce our tax rate, in some cases down to a flat 0%.

They are driving Social Security into the ground. But you can plan for your own retirement AND cut your taxes, with tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

They’re importing crime and refusing to prosecute criminals. But you can obtain a second residency or passport in a foreign country where you enjoy spending time. This way, you and your family will always have a place to go if the need ever arises.

These people have an overwhelming sense of arrogance, and will continue to double down on their failures.

They want us to think that they’re the ones in control… but nothing could be further from the truth.

Individuals have tremendous power to protect themselves from their destructive hypocrisy. It just takes a little bit of education and the will to take action.

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