Talk about an utter intelligence failure…

March 4, 2014
Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

This is just too funny… not in that ‘ha ha’ funny way, but a very ironic funny. It’s British humor, folks.

The White House announced on Saturday that President Obama had a 90 minute phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty.

Now, I’m going to play Captain Obvious for a moment and point out the unmistakable truth that the US government doesn’t care about Ukraine. They just don’t like the idea of a tough-guy Russia.

But here’s the funny part, because I’m sure we’ve all been on long, boring conference calls before.

I have this image in my mind of Putin putting Obama on speaker phone during this call, hitting the ‘mute’ button, and having an aggressive round of drinking games while they all make fun of POTUS and take turns doing Obama impressions.

And as Obama hit the high note, Putin probably gave signal to his generals right then and there, in the middle of the call, to push troops forward into Ukraine.

Because the sad part about this is that Mr. Obama actually believes that Putin gives a damn what the US thinks about Russia.

Seriously, if the shoe were on the other foot, would Mr. Obama care what the Russians thought if the US decided to invade… Syria? Oh, wait.

Yes, this is a movie we’ve all seen before. It’s entitled “Too broke for war”, and I personally like the British version the best.

You probably recall, the British government was too broke for war back in 1956 to seize control of the Suez in Egypt after Nasser nationalized the canal.

Or the Spanish version of the same episode– back in 1898 when the Spanish government was too broke (and broken) to maintain its global colony network. They ended up losing Cuba, the Philippines, etc. to the upstart US empire.

The US has reached that point– too broke to project any power overseas.

Mr. Obama was already stopped by Russia from invading Syria late last year, and at this point the Russians know that Mr. Obama is armed with little more than harsh words and a mean jump shot.

In fairness, it’s unlikely that Mr. Putin has any intent to Annex greater Ukraine. Ukraine is viewed as a quaint, somewhat backward place by Russians. There is no great pan-Slavic nationalism at play here.

This is nothing more than a strutting peacock show right now, and it will end once he has proved his point. But unlike France, the US, the UK, etc., Mr. Putin actually has the funds to do it.

But the most ironic part of this sad little episode is that the US government was caught totally off guard… completely unaware of Russian troop movements.

I mean, seriously, why in the world are they spending tens of billions of dollars a year to spy on the whole world? They’re archiving all of our emails, listening to our phone calls, hacking our webcams… and they can’t put 2 and 2 together to figure out that Putin is going to invade Ukraine?

Talk about an utter intelligence failure.

It’s national security theater of the absurd, brought to you by the same folks who can’t put a website together.

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