When in Rome, get Italian citizenship

It was probably after 2am last night when I walked up the stairs to bed after a marathon seven hour dinner.

But that’s pretty normal here. This is the eighth year in a row I have spent my summer holiday at this 400 year old villa in the Italian countryside.

I invited a number of my close friends, family, and Total Access members to relax and break bread. We always end up engaging in some of the most insightful, stimulating, and exciting conversations that often go late into the evening.

The food and service here at the villa are always incredible. After prosecco and Aperol Spritzes on the deck overlooking the valley with mountains in the distance, we had dinner beneath a grape trellis. It started with homemade lasagna, and ended with chocolate mousse.

In between, the staff urged us to take more chicken, potatoes, and so on… this is Italy after all.

The staff here is exceptional.

One of the women taking care of us is from the United States. When I was talking to her this morning, I found out that she is here in Italy to become an Italian citizen.

Because she has Italian heritage, under current Italian law she can apply to become an Italian citizen based on her ancestry.

She could apply from the US, going through an Italian embassy. But it could take a year just to get an interview, and even longer to correspond back and forth with the Italian bureaucrats who verify the documentation of your lineage.

Instead, this young woman decided to expedite the process by moving to Italy. Living here while you apply can bring the timeframe down to just a few months. You basically cut to the front of the line.

And while she’s here, she is making the most of it by experiencing Italy, learning the language, and getting some work experience.

Just out of curiosity, I asked her why she was getting Italian citizenship. The look in her eyes was almost bewildered. She said, “Why wouldn’t I do it?”

And that’s the point. It was such a refreshing thing to hear.

Having a second passport just makes sense. With VERY few exceptions, there is typically ZERO downside whatsoever. And yet enormous upside.

Having a second passport means you will always have a place to live, work, and invest outside of your home country. It gives you options, so that all your eggs aren’t in one basket.

Plus, you are giving an enormous gift to future generations of your family. They will benefit from what you do today, when you pass down this citizenship to your children.

Italy is just one of many countries where you can obtain citizenship through ancestry.

Ireland, Greece, Armenia, Lithuania, Poland, and more also give citizenship to those who can trace their ancestry back to these homelands.

One way to get started is by talking to your local embassy… but this can be pretty discouraging.

It often seems like some of the laziest human beings on the planet tend to work at consulates and embassies.

If you call and they give you the runaround, or you find it difficult to get an appointment, don’t give up. Just call another embassy.

You’ll be astonished to find you may get a remarkably different answer from one embassy to the next.

And there are also private organizations that can help you short circuit the process– take a look at this free preview of a recent Sovereign Confidential alert we sent to our premium members on the topic if you’re interested in getting started.

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