Why are foreign countries’ borders always the priority?

This morning Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, released an announcement to “celebrate that Spain recognizes Palestine State. . . [which] will be free from the river to the sea.”

This comes on the heels of her boss, the Prime Minister of Spain, announcing formal recognition of Palestine as a sovereign nation, alongside his counterparts in Ireland and Norway.

Their joint statement preached that “We believe in freedom and justice” and that “permanent peace can only be secured on the basis of the free will of a free people.”

High sounding language. Too bad the Prime Minister doesn’t apply the same logic to his own country, which is inundated with its own separatist, independent movements from the Basque Country to Catalonia to Galicia.

In 2017, for example, “the free will of a free people” in Spain’s Catalonia region voted overwhelmingly (92% to 8%) to become an independent, sovereign state. Leaders of the movement were soon arrested by the Spanish government and put on trial.

But, hey, governments these days tend to be far more interested in foreign borders than their own.

The US is overrun with migrants at the southern border… yet Congress has spent far more time worrying about Ukraine’s border.

All of these European countries that are virtue-signaling over Palestine’s borders have allowed their own nations to become completely overrun with refugees… who are then coddled at taxpayer expense with free housing, food, and other welfare programs.

In completely unrelated news, crime rates in these same countries have skyrocketed, including sexual assault of children.

But the invasion of their own borders is not a concern. They are only interested in Palestine– which they claim to be a “free people”. This is completely naive.

Palestinians aren’t free. They are hostages of the Hamas, a terrorist organization masquerading as a government.

People in Gaza are obviously suffering immeasurably. Yet for some reason none of these Inspired Idiots in Europe are willing to state the obvious about Hamas.

Hamas hold sham elections to keep themselves in power while deliberately depriving their own people of food, water, and basic services in order to pin the blame on Israel and create sympathy for their cause.

Hamas also notably puts military assets inside of the most inviolable civilian institutions, like schools and hospitals.

Yet there’s not a word about this from virtue-signaling European politicians.

It also strikes me as quite bizarre that, while they now assert that Palestine is a sovereign nation, these same people refuse to recognize Taiwan.

So, what happened to that “free will of a free people” logic? Apparently, for these Inspired Idiots, it doesn’t apply when you’re suckling on that Chinese money teat.

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