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Another central banker admits the truth about the US dollar

On March 20, 1602, after a few years of painstaking negotiations, a deal was struck amid the cobblestone streets and legendary waterways of Amsterdam that changed the world of finance forever. The Dutch Republic (as it was known back then) was already a major economic power in the early 1600s; Dutch merchants boasted

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Gold vs. Silver: which is better right now?

Almost two decades ago, I walked into a coin shop in Florida to buy my very first piece of silver. I was in my mid-20s at the time and just starting to teach myself about financial history, the national debt, and central banking. It was early in my education. But I had already

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Here’s an obvious reason to own silver

By the summer of 1812, Napoleon still thought of himself as nearly invincible. He had conquered nearly all of Europe with relative ease and brought the continent’s remaining rulers under his control. He had personally lost just a single battle. And his chief nemesis, Great Britain, had just been dragged into a new

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This region has the highest concentration of Plan B options on the planet

Imagine that a couple weeks ago, on a cool October day, you were suddenly transported to a small mountain town celebrating Oktoberfest. You see red-roofed, wood-frame homes plastered against the nearby mountains, and the quaint downtown is filled with microbreweries and pastry shops offering apple strudel. You distinctly hear a group of blond-haired

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This easy step is an essential part of any Plan B

Sigrid Paul was living in East Berlin in 1961 when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, though, her son was born with major health problems… and Sigrid had to seek out the best possible medical care to treat him. This was more than fifteen years after World War II, and

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This Strategy Cuts the Tax Bill of American Entrepreneurs in Half

One of the many Orwellian habits of politicians is give cute acronyms to their idiotic legislation. The CARES Act from 2020, for example, stood for “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security”. The CARES Act was one of the most destructive pieces of legislation in US history; it paid people to stay home and

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AOC wants you to be rich. Just not the way that you think

When Julius Caesar first crossed the English channel and invaded Great Britain in 55 BC, he thought it was primitive, barbaric, and uncivilized… especially when compared to the splendor of Rome. But Caesar knew it had potential. He wrote to his colleagues back in Rome that Britannia had vast minerals, timber, and livestock,

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This Unique Loophole Exempts 100,000 Americans from Taxes

By the late 1800s, the South Pacific island chain of Samoa faced an existential crisis. After squabbles between German, British, and American forces over the previous decades, Germany had taken the western islands of Samoa, and asserted its unpopular control over the people. The eastern islands, however, were controlled by the United States

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If you think gold is worth owning, wait until you see uranium

Gold has its merits. It has been valuable for thousands of years, and has some industrial applications as well. But holding a kilo of gold in your hand, all you can really do is admire it, and appreciate that it is a great store of wealth. Holding a kilo of uranium, you have

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Not bad for a Banana Republic

I landed in Panama last night for a quick business trip, and I have to say, I’m really astonished at the political situation here. Central American countries like Panama are often referred to as “Banana Republics”. The term refers to largely impoverished nations with underdeveloped economies which are controlled by a corrupt ruling

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7 Countries with Powerful Asset Protection Laws 2023

Which countries have the strongest asset protection laws in 2023?

With the US most likely in a technical recession, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing an increase in frivolous litigation in the next 12 month period. For example, during the recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis, there were reports of an increase in lawsuits related to debt collection, foreclosure, and bankruptcy, which

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Relocation Incentives USA 2023

 Five places in the USA that will pay you to move there in 2023

Digital Nomad Visas offer straightforward residency options around the world, and sometimes even get paired with special tax deals. But did you know that you don’t have to go abroad to benefit from working remotely? Today we look at five places in the US that will actually pay you to move there –

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